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General Question

  • What is Bidcellular?

    Bidcellular is a place for you to sell your unwanted old gadgets. You can sell it to us and we will pay you cash.

  • How does it works?

    It's very simple to be quite honest.  All you have to do is pick your phone you want to sell, pick the condition, then you will get an instant BID for us to buy your phone for cash.  You  will then have the option to mail the device or to meet "In Person".  We  offer you features to make your selling experience completely hassle free.

  • Do you guarantee that you will pay me according to the quotation that was given from the site ?

    As long as you accurately describe your item when you submit the order, we will honor the quotation from our site. If somehow the item drastically differs from the information that you submitted, then we will inform you with a revised quote. If you are not happy with the new quote and want to check and/or compare our new offer with other sites, then we are more than happy to keep your item and wait 3 days for you to check. We are confident that you will find our offer to be better than any other. If you still want to cancel the order, then we will send your item back to you at your expense. 

  • How can I trust this company ?

    Bidcellular was founded on integrity.  We have a motto we use to operate and apply to our daily lives----TRUST

    ·         Top quality customer service will always be given to you.

    ·         Respectable staff will give you the highest level of courtesy in all situations.

    ·         Understanding you need your Cash FAST will keep us motivated to pay you as soon as we inspect your gadget.

    ·         Safe transactions for all customers.  We never give your information to any third parties

    ·         Teamwork---We believe by working together to "go green" we can help change the world. 





  • Item Related Question

  • What types of gadgets does Bidcellular buy?

    Currently we only buy cellphones but one day soon we will be expanding to other electronic devices.

  • What if my items are broken or too old to work?

    Don’t worry as we still try to provide high value. However, it may be possible that your item does not have any market value. In such circumstances, we will help you to recycle responsibly or return it back to you.

  • Do you collect accessories that comes together with the item, such as used charger/games/etc ?

    Yes!  The quote we provide you is assuming you have the battery, back cover, and wall charger.  In the instance you do not have these items we can still offer you a Bid to purchase but it will reflect the cost to replace the missing parts.

  • What happens with my item?

    We will give it a second life if we can, and/or recondition them for reuse in the United States and other countries. We believe that reuse is the highest form of sustainability. That’s why we promote reuse first and recycling as a last resort. We aim to get used devices back into the market for reuse – primarily to people who cannot afford to buy them new. If the item is not acceptable due to condition or technological issues, we will recycle it. 

  • How can I identify my model?

    If it is not indicated on the front of the device, most model numbers are printed on the back of the device, underneath the battery.

  • Price and Transaction

    Shipping and Payment Question

  • How can I send the items to you?

    We allow you to send the items via USPS or we can meet you "In Person" at select locations.

  • How long does is takes for me to get paid?

    We pay you very quickly! However, it normally depends on you. We are counting on you to ship the item as soon as you can. If you can ship your item the same day as you submit the order, then it will usually take no more than a week for you to receive payment. Therefore we recommend that you ship your item same day or at least tomorrow.

  • How long does it take from the time that I ship my item to you for inspection to the time I receive my payment?

    The time that delivery takes via USPS is out of our control, but it is usually only a few days.  We prefer you send out in a flat rate box via priority mail because its normally only a typical 2-3 day delivery time.  Once we receive an item, we aim to turn it around as quickly as possible, and update you on our progress. We will notify you once we’ve inspected your item and when payment is on the way.  This is normally only a 24-48 hour window.

  • How and when will I receive payment?

    We will send payment by Paypal on the same day as inspection day or we can issue you with a check. If you choose to receive a check, please be prepared to wait a while longer because it takes time to send. We recommend that you use Paypal, as it’s fast and easy to sign up.

  • What is the "Double Shipping Reinbursement" offers you 2 ways to get paid for your unwanted device.  If you choose to ship the phone to us we offer the "Double Shipping Reimbursement".  Here's how it works!  Pack up your phone and mail to us using any local post office or if you prefer they can pick it up from your home.  If you need a box the USPS offers a free small flat rate box that works perfect for sending off small devices.  Once the phone arrives we will inspect it and match the condition originally stated then you will be reimbursed twice for the postage.  For example if you paid $5.00 to mail the phone to us, you will be reimbursed $10.00 which will be added to your quoted price.  For more information on the shipping reimbursement please see  our "Terms and Conditions".

  • Privacy and Personal Information

  • What happens to personal information and stored data on devices? is not responsible for any content left on your old device.  We ask that you please wide data off of your phone before you send it to ensure privacy.

  • What does Bidcellular do with my personal information?

    We will never sell or share your personal information with other individuals, companies, or parties without your express consent. Your privacy is TOP PRIORITY for us, and we do everything to protect it.